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Our Services

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Elite Interiors provides complete solutions for all your design needs. Are you thinking of renovating your home? Have a quick chat with our interior design consultants Dubai to explore fresh possibilities. Whether you’re tired of your bedroom’s color scheme or wish to replace your kitchen tiles, we’re here to help you. We make sure that your office has enough space for all your employees. Our interior designers understand the importance of smart storage and cubicle division. You don’t have to worry about going over budget because we guide you every step of the way.

Our Services

Premier Dubai Interior Design Experts Crafting Your Dream Spaces

Luxury Interior Design

We redefine class to match the sophisticated vision you have in your mind. Our interior designers always match the look of your space to its purpose. Excellence reflects at every turn you make as you enter. An interior design company with a difference, we aim to impress. Feast your eyes on an elegant display of luxury and aesthetics while comfort remains a priority.

Home Interior Design

The minute you step into your home, you feel your body and mind relax. We translate your primary needs into home design. We warm your heart and bring peace to your senses. Delight in the cozy feel created by the best interior company in Dubai. We select the colors and textures that speak to your soul.

Home Renovation

Don’t you think it’s time for a change? We’re right by your side every step of the way. Our interior design consultants Dubai guide you using their diverse experience. We transform your living space to build your dream home. The idea behind our approach is to meet your most important needs and design preferences.

Office Interior Design

Efficiency is key to running any company. We understand that staying practical in office design is essential. Our team strives to improve your focus and comfort through smart office designs. Prioritizing function, our interior design company builds durable and inspiring office interiors. Discuss the requirements of your business operations for perfection.

Interior Fitout Works

At Elite Interiors, we provide complete solutions for fit out works. Our interior designers choose the ideal elements for your space and we set it up for you. Don’t worry about dragging around furniture or struggling with fittings and fixtures. You have the best interior company in Dubai to ensure your convenience and comfort.

Curtain Makers

Controlling the amount of light entering your home and office is important. In addition to building interiors, we’re also curtain makers. Enjoy the feel of the premium materials we use to create our durable curtains. Our interior design consultants Dubai set the mood of your space using the perfect type of curtains and blinds.

Joinery Contrator

Elite Interiors is more than just an interior design company. Our team is experienced in handling wood work. We customize wooden furniture and decor according to your theme. Masters of their craft, our joinery contractors bring your vision to life. Add a rich, natural touch to your interior with sturdy wooden furniture and decor.

Turnkey Interiors

Your search for the best interior company in Dubai for turnkey interiors has come to an end. We offer complete solutions for interior designing, building, and setting up your spaces. Talk to our team about the potential of your home or office space. We take you through our design process step by step to ensure your happiness.

Bedroom Interior Design

When you’re tired from a long day, you just want to fall into bed. Our interior design consultants Dubai create beautiful bedrooms you’ll never want to leave. We bring you the most comfortable bedrooms in the colors and textures of your choice. Experience the joy of stunning bedroom interiors that match your taste.

Furniture Manufacturer

The impression your furniture gives you guests lasts for a long time. The team at our interior design company highlights comfort in furniture design. As a leading furniture manufacturer in the UAE, Elite Interiors delivers durability. People of different ages, weights, and heights can rest comfortably on our furniture.

Wooden Cladding

Sturdy, durable varieties of wood like timber are suitable for wooden cladding. We help you make sure that the exterior of your home or office is durable. Protect your exterior structures with a little help from the best interior company in Dubai. Minimize the damage normally caused by exposure to the elements using wooden cladding.

Upholstery Works

Whether you enjoy plain upholstery or intricate patterns, we’ve got what you need. Discuss the furniture ideas you have with our interior design consultants Dubai. Our team shares interesting combinations of fabrics and materials with you. From brights and pastels to classy neutrals, we create the aesthetic you desire.

kitchen Renovation

If you love to cook for your loved ones, kitchen design is a priority. Our interior design company creates a vibrant kitchen that’s easy to maintain. We upgrade the functions of your kitchen for convenience. You can also serve food to your guests on a dining table in the kitchen. What’s more, a kitchen island is great for quick family meals.

Staircase Contractor

Safety comes first, especially in interior design for homes. We understand that children, elderly, and ill individuals need ease. As the best interior company in Dubai, we build staircases that are sturdy and secure. We provide proper support on our staircases for all ages. The selection of durable materials ensures the safety of your loved ones.

Decorative Painting

Elite Interiors invites you to explore genuine artistic expression. Our interior design consultants Dubai have a keen eye for art. Share your thoughts on the kind of art you love to be around. Feel free to share the names of artists you admire. We help you choose creative pieces of art to liven up your home and office.

Faux & Frescoes

Like any other canvas, an empty wall provides the perfect opportunity for art. Tell us what sparks your imagination and we’ll paint beautiful frescoes for your space. We treasure art as a leading interior design company. Try our custom faux and fresco creation services. Make an impact with wall art that fits the vision you have for your interior.

Fit out Contractors

Level up the efficiency, function, and appearance of your space. Check out the fit out solutions created by our interior design consultants. We have an experienced team for the installation of floors and ceilings of all types. Don’t worry about arranging your furnishing or fittings. Our team of experts will have your space set up on time.

Water Fountain Design

The perfect fountain should always match its background. Get advice from experts at the best interior company in Dubai. We use various durable materials for fountains like marble, basalt, granite, and more. Our team designs beautiful water fountains that add to the grace of your space and match your theme.

Glass Partitions

We provide customized solutions for glass partitions. Whether you want to section off an area of your home or office, we have what you need. Separate different living areas using high-strength glass partitions. The experts at our interior design company ensure that glass partitions have strong structures. You can use different types of frosted glass for partitions.

Gypsum False Ceiling

Do you want a fancy ceiling without breaking the bank? Get ready to save some money because the best interior company in Dubai has an economic solution. You can install affordable gypsum false ceilings for that artistic touch. Our experts construct long lasting gypsum ceilings having classic and modern designs.

Gypsum Partition Work

A cement wall isn’t always the ideal choice for separations. The experts at our interior design company suggest gypsum walls instead. The soundproof and insulation properties of gypsum make it suitable for partitions. Consider creating strong yet cheap gypsum partitions to improve the usability of your home or office.

Interior Decoration

Are you looking for budget-friendly interior decoration services in Dubai? Our interior design consultants have years of experience designing homes and offices. From the color scheme of your room to wall paintings, we got you covered. We focus on your vision and theme to showcase art and function in a beautiful combination.

Landscaping Design

It doesn’t make sense to ignore your outdoor area. Did you know that landscaping increases your property’s value? Whether you’re planning to use that property yourself or not, our interior design company can help you. We plan and execute stunning landscape designs to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Landscaping Contractor

Feel the difference when you hire landscaping contractors from the best interior company Dubai. That’s right! We excel at indoor and outdoor designing projects. Change the look of your commercial and residential properties. We design and build custom landscaping projects according to your specific requirements.

Living Room Interiors

Do you enjoy hosting parties in your living room? You need an interior design company to make the best use of your space. We adjust fittings and furnishings to accommodate more people. Hang out with your buddies or host a family gathering in your living room. We create comfortable living rooms with enough space for several people.

Commercial Designs

Our interior design consultants maintain high functionality for commercial projects. Any area that’s open to public use requires certain safety features. We create durable designs that retain creativity. Just because a design is for commercial use doesn’t mean it should be boring. Count on us to create eye-catching commercial designs.

Hospitality Interiors

We match your excellence as the best interior company in Dubai. There’s no place like home, but we strive for a home-like feel in our hospitality interiors. We create world class hospitality interiors. Experience the plush comfort and welcoming ambiance of our creations. Discuss the requirements of your guests to help serve you better.

Bedroom Interiors

We design relaxing, comfortable, and convenient bathroom interiors with attractive fittings. Making sure the ventilation is proper, the experts at our interior design company put safety first. The color scheme and style of your bathroom matches the rooms around it. We create a pleasant harmony of colors, patterns, and shapes.

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