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Landscaping Design

Landscaping Design

Our premium landscape design in Dubai transforms your outdoor space with vibrant visuals. Create a section that has greater appeal and function. The value of your residential and commercial properties increases with landscaping. We design a treat for the eyes! Our outdoor experts select plush outdoor furniture for your comfort. 

How landscape architects in UAE plan outdoor design

We follow a straightforward process for planning a landscaping project. The size of your outdoor area determines the final solution. Our landscape designers share the pros and cons of different choices with you. What style you want may also influence design selections.

Sectioning areas

Dividing up the area under focus can be difficult. But we have a team of experts giving you practical options. Our custom landscaping services Dubai are perfect for all outdoor areas no matter the size. 

Design highlights

Don’t overwhelm your visitors with a bold landscape design in Dubai that has no balance. Make a wonderful first impression with selected highlights in your design. You can have trees, fountains, colorful flower beds, and more.

Style selection

There isn’t always enough area for a pond or bridge, for instance. But our landscape architects in UAE find your feedback invaluable for a successful project. We guide you on picking the perfect themes and styles. 

Color themes

Green is not a boring color! There are amazing textures and shapes that make landscaping services Dubai interesting. Adding sweet pops of colors with flowers or using colors to bring focus to an area is smart. 


Besides the maintenance of the plants, we think about the amount of effort you can put into your outdoor area. We choose sustainability! Consult our experts on low-maintenance, high-impact landscaping services Dubai

Sustainable landscaping services Dubai

Our landscape architects in UAE pick perennial species for local properties. Not only are perennial varieties delightful to look at, but they require minimum care. Watch gorgeous native blooms transform your outdoor area. The plant species in our landscaping services Dubai are native to your region. Your outdoors will remain green and lush all year round. Our eco-friendly approach to landscaping ensures limited use of water. Save your resources and protect the planet at the same time. 

Why choose our landscaping consultants

Investing in landscape design in Dubai doesn’t mean you should waste money. Our landscaping consultants create long term plans. We only select the highest quality materials for our projects. Since we recommend durable materials and construction, you can rely on our opinion. We invite you to consult our landscape architects in UAE about your problems. Is your space too small for your ideas? Don’t worry, we can increase the usability of your space. We ensure that your outdoor area looks splendid at any time of the year. Our landscaping team focuses on eco-friendly designs for your property. We try our best to consider your budget landscaping services Dubai. Our consultants share ideas to lower construction and maintenance costs. 

Tips for beautiful landscape design in Dubai

Besides maintenance and costs, our landscape design in Dubai highlights sustainability. Our consultants suggest growing local species in your outdoor area. You find that local varieties of plants, flowers, and trees thrive here. The climate is suitable for growing native species. Our landscape architects in UAE advise against invasive species that harm the ecosystem. We recommend having a focal point that instantly draws attention. There’s plenty of vertical space outdoors for you to grow trees. You can also set up a relaxing sitting area. Add edible plants in landscaping services Dubai for greater benefit. Consider growing a lovely vegetable or herb garden.  

Why choose professional landscape design consultants

Having knowledge of plant varieties and construction is great. But amateurs lack the problem solving capabilities of professionals. An expert is used to creating solutions for real life projects. Hiring professionals landscape design in Dubai helps prevent long term mistakes. You can trust their experience to predict the aging of a landscape. A  landscaping company has connections with leading vendors. Using high-quality materials is necessary for landscaping.  Consult the best landscape architects in UAE to expand your limited vision. Professionals can add your creative input into the final plans. You can still feel part of the project without doing any hard work. Save your time and energy in the long run. Hiring landscaping services Dubai means you get the results you want in your budget. 

Home landscape design services

Select leading landscape architects in UAE for your home. Achieve a delightful transformation of your outdoor area. Usually, families with children wish to add a play area. You may want to set up a swing for adults and children within your lawn. Those who love gardening can build their dream garden at home. Choose custom landscaping services Dubai to get your desired look. Consultants understand the needs of families, giving you peace of mind. 

Office landscape design services

Your outdoor area can be an extension of your office. There are plenty of ways to brand your landscape design in Dubai. Select a color scheme that fits your brand design. What’s more, you can add your logo in certain spots. Low walls along the path leading up to your office building have space for branding. If your office building has see-through walls, you can match the indoors to the outdoors. Office landscaping services Dubai are meant to be efficient and reliable. Increase the usability of your outdoor area for best results. 

How to find the best landscape design company in Dubai

Always look for testimonials from previous clients of the company you’ve picked. Professional landscape design in Dubai isn’t always economic. When you invest your money into landscaping, make the right choice. If possible, talk to previous clients or visit the properties that company has worked on. Make sure that the landscaping professionals are qualified and hold licenses. Get quotations from different landscape architects in UAE to compare rates. You can change the scale of your project based on your budget. Speak to the consultants about your concerns and note their response. Always select landscape designers who are willing to add your input. The right landscaping services Dubai for one person might not suit another. Notice the attention to your requirements before signing the contract.  

Choose our sustainable landscaping services Dubai and experience the joy of nature. Elite Interiors has a team of experts ready to get started on your next project. Discuss your specific requirements with our landscape designers today.