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Gypsum ceiling is a type of false ceiling made of gypsum plaster. Many people install gypsum ceilings due to their benefits. Gypsum plaster is resistant to heat and easy to install. You can also personalize your own gypsum ceiling. Some people prefer a neutral ceiling while others like contrasted colours. In addition, gypsum ceilings also prove to be sound proof. Many offices and homes feature a gypsum false ceiling in Dubai. Give your home a new makeover by installing the gypsum ceilings of your choice! 

Types of Gypsum False Ceiling in Dubai

Dubai is a city of top notch art and design. Designers of Dubai hold expertise in wall decorations and ceilings. Gypsum false ceilings are a new rising trend in interior design. Moreover, many types of gypsum ceiling are available. Personalize your home and aesthetic by creating your own ceiling design. In addition, they are very versatile. New designs of gypsum work in Dubai include floral, glass, traditional and many more. Following are examples of types of gypsum ceilings;


Nature lovers prefer a gypsum false ceiling in Dubai. Elevate the look of your home by using a floral pattern of your choice. In addition, you can also add colours that you like!


Glass makes everything look chic! Many designers use glass gypsum work in Dubai for clients. Moreover, you can also play with lights on a glass gypsum ceiling! Gypsum is a flexible material to work with.


Traditional gypsum ceiling is also a creative way of ceiling art. Incorporate traditional elements in your decoration for a timeless look. You can use a central light to keep the focus on the ceiling.


Textured gypsum ceiling is another form of artistic expression. In addition, the texture adds depth to your roof. Install the lights around the texture for an even more elegant look.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Get Gypsum False Ceiling in Dubai

Gypsum work in Dubai is very popular. Customize how your home looks by choosing the type of gypsum ceiling you want. Moreover, you can also play with lights and textures using gypsum ceilings. Add a chic look to your home in a budget friendly way. Many people also perform makeovers to install a gypsum false ceiling in Dubai. Following are ten more reasons to get a gypsum false ceiling;

  1. Variety

Choose your favourite from a large variety of gypsum ceiling according to your choice. You can also find inspiration online. Many people like more options when looking for a roof design.

  1. Design

Elevate the look of your home with the design of your choice in gypsum false ceiling in Dubai. Some popular designs include floral, traditional, glass, contrast and bricked gypsum ceilings. In addition, you can customize the design with lights and shadows.

  1. Insulation

Gypsum is an insulating material. Gypsum ceiling insulates your home through the layers in it. Dubai is a hot city, hence gypsum ceilings save energy by insulating the place.

  1. Sound Proof

Gypsum false ceiling in Dubai combines beauty with function. The false ceiling made of gypsum features soundproofing quality. Moreover, you can maintain your privacy easily just through a gypsum ceiling.

  1. Flexibility

Gypsum ceiling is made of flexible material to work with. Moreover, you can also add various other elements to the ceiling according to your choice. Interior designers prefer gypsum due to its flexible nature.

  1. Convenience

Many designers prefer to work with convenient materials for decoration. Gypsum work in Dubai is convenient as it is easy to get. In addition, the material is light and easy to work with.

  1. Beauty

Make your home more beautiful by installing the best gypsum false ceiling in Dubai. Customize the colours, textures and design for an aesthetic look. You can also find new ceiling ideas online.

  1. Light

Many ceiling materials do not distribute light evenly. However, the gypsum ceiling features even light distribution because of its material consistency. Use gypsum for your ceiling for a well lit home.

  1. Cost

Good quality with low cost is the goal of a good interior design. Gypsum false ceiling in Dubai features low cost installation. Moreover, changes made to previous gypsum ceilings are also cheap compared to other ceilings.

  1. Heat Resistant

Make your home heat and fire resistant by using a gypsum ceiling. The material actively resists fire and keeps you and your family safe.

In conclusion, gypsum work in Dubai is gaining popularity. Many people go for a gypsum false ceiling due to its variety and benefits. Dubai features the best interior designers internationally. Some types of gypsum ceiling include floral, traditional, textured and glass. Moreover, you can also save money and time by using a gypsum false ceiling. The heat resistant properties of the gypsum false ceiling in Dubai enhances your safety. Install gypsum ceiling for a chic and modern look to your home!

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