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Interior design is the art of creating a comfortable and aesthetic space. An interior designer specializes in researching and coordinating projects. Everyone works better in a put together space. Office interior design is the key to a healthy work environment. Interior designers work with patterns, colours and textures. The reception desk holds particular importance as well in office decoration design. Research shows that people work better in a place designed for their purpose. Interior design makes a space functional for its employees.

5 Ways To Improve Office Decoration Design

Research shows that 87 percent of workers prefer a planned office interior design. The key to good results lies in a healthy space for employees. Many offices hire interior designers to create a proper space for work. An office with open spaces encourages workers to walk around. Physical movement during work enhances the work environment. Here are five ways to improve office design;

1Furniture Decoration

The type of furniture in an office sets its vibe. Office interior designers make sure to keep the furniture comfortable. Designers prefer soft seats so that employees can stay seated comfortably. Many people develop back problems if the furniture is not suitable. The furniture is usually customized according to the nature of the job. The supervisors plan different furniture for the conference room, pantry and other areas. Storage space is also very important in this regard. 

2Color Scheme

Everyone knows that colours play an important role in creating a comfortable environment. Office interior designers in Dubai suggest a pastel colour to light up the place. Light colours also help make the space seem bigger. Moreover, vibrant colours can help create an energetic space for employees. Research shows that colours affect mood and emotion. The right cololour palette transforms the appeal of a space. Colours also represent brands in a commercial space.

3DayLight and Ventilation

Research shows that all humans need sunlight to work well. The human body is naturally created to crave sunlight at particular times. Otherwise, the circadian rhythm may be displaced. Office interior design companies always suggest big transparent windows for natural light during the day. Ventilation is an important part of design as well. Fresh air makes everyone feel better in the summers. Windows with doors provide a good option for offices.

4Storage Space

Everyone knows that a good office is spacious. All workers need a proper place to put their belongings safely. The storage part of the office is adequately designed by office interior designers in Dubai.  Smart design uses horizontal filing cabinets for easy access and to reduce the clutter of the office. Many designers prefer cabinets for storing personal belongings of employees. Furniture with spacious drawers is also a good choice in this regard. 

5Bulbs and Lamps

Although daylight is preferable, artificial light is also important in office decoration design. Choose cost effective lighting for a lower electricity bill. Many designers choose lights that are not too bright or dim. Computer screens and mobile phones already strain the eyes due to blue light. Ambient lighting is low intensity lighting that helps with the environment.

The Don’ts of Office Interior Design

Office interior designers in Dubai also put forward some suggestions on how not to decorate your office. Many people make mistakes when designing their office themselves. Office interior designers in Dubai offer cheap rates and amazing services. Why do it yourself when experts can do it for you? The experts suggest to avoid the following mistakes when designing your office;

  • Avoid bright or dim lights. Ambient lighting helps everyone focus better on assigned tasks. In addition, bright or low lights can cause eye strain to the employees. Office interior design is meant to enhance everyone’s capabilities. 
  • Dark colours in the lobby overwhelm the atmosphere. Choose light colours to make the place seem more spacious. Office interior design Dubai usually features lighter and pastel colour schemes.
  • Choose flexible layouts in office decoration design so your plan is longterm. A good style is easy to alter. Do not choose a layout that is not open to change.
  • Avoid furniture that is not storage friendly. Many people make the mistake of choosing furniture solely on the basis of visuals. Office interior designers in Dubai choose furniture with drawers and cabinets to help with space.

In conclusion, office decoration design is no easy feat. Simple steps can help make your office look and feel better. Designers hold the expertise in the area of transforming your space. Experts say that proper interior design can help make your place look warm and welcoming. The proper balance of colours, textures and furniture helps the vibe of a workplace. A well designed office considers how people work, what colors make them feel happy or focused. Good office interior design is similar to setting the stage for a positive and productive work vibe.

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