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Everything you need to know about Gypsum Ceiling in Dubai

Everything you need to know about Gypsum Ceiling in Dubai

Gypsum false ceiling in Dubai is made of a plaster called gypsum plaster. Many people prefer false ceilings nowadays. Moreover, gypsum ceilings come in a vast variety. Everyone knows Dubai is a city of modern art and design. Interior designers these days suggest gypsum ceiling design for the most modern look. In addition to variety, gypsum ceilings are also fire and heat resistant. Save up your energy on cooling your house by getting a gypsum ceiling! Decorate your ceiling with a customized look of texture or floral themes. For customization, ceiling work company in Dubai can help you create a chic roof. 

Types of Gypsum Ceiling Design

Gypsum ceilings are a rising trend these days. Some types of gypsum work in Dubai include patterns like floral, traditional and textured ceilings. Moreover, clients can customize the ceiling according to what they want. Most homes feature a pastel coloured ceiling for a cool effect. On the other hand, offices may have a patterned gypsum ceiling for even light. Gypsum false ceiling in Dubai boasts of many benefits. The gypsum in the ceiling insulates your roof against fire and heat. Dubai is a hot city. So, the gypsum ceiling saves your bills by keeping the cool air inside. Some types of gypsum ceiling design include;


Floral gypsum false ceiling in Dubai never goes out of style. Outline your favourite flowers with the colours of your choice. Add texture and lights as you please! Add little details with floral theme for a beautiful look!


Traditional gypsum ceiling is also a new way to reinvent your ceiling. Make traditional elements a part of your false ceiling for a timeless look. You can install a central light to keep the focus on the ceiling art.


Glass makes everything look modern! Use glass in different ways in gypsum work in Dubai. False ceilings with artistic glass styles can make your home look stylish and chic.


Textured glass ceilings can be styled in many ways. Add texture to your gypsum false ceiling in Dubai for an elevated look. Install lights around the texture according to your taste!

Why Should You Get Gypsum False Ceiling in Dubai?

Gypsum work in Dubai is a new trend. Personalize how your home or office looks by choosing your favourite gypsum ceiling. Art is always evolving. Dubai is a city of top art and design. Moreover, you can play with lights on the false ceiling. Add a modern look to your home in a cost friendly way. Many people also install gypsum false ceiling in Dubai during home makeovers. Following are some reasons to get a gypsum false ceiling;

  1. Insulation

Gypsum ceilings are made of insulating material. Gypsum ceiling keeps your home cool by insulating it through layers.. Dubai is a hot city, hence false ceilings save electricity by insulating homes and workplaces.

  1. Flexibility

Gypsum ceiling design is more flexible than other ceilings such as drywall. In addition, many other elements can add a modern twist to your ceiling. Interior designers prefer gypsum ceilings as they are very flexible. 

  1. Beauty

Elevate the beauty of your home by installing a gypsum false ceiling in Dubai. Choose the colours, styles and texture for the best look. Customize the style according to your creative ideas. You can also browse for ceiling ideas online.

  1. Light

Many false ceilings cannot distribute light evenly. However, the gypsum ceiling work in Dubai features even light distribution due to gypsum material. Use a gypsum ceiling for a well lit home.

  1. Cost

Interior designers aim for best quality and least cost. Gypsum false ceiling in Dubai is not only of good quality, but also cost friendly. In addition, installation charges are also low. Moreover, new changes can be made at a cheaper cost to old gypsum ceilings.

  1. Sound Proof

Privacy is an important feature for homes. Use a gypsum ceiling in your homes today to make your rooms soundproof. Moreover, gypsum also helps insulate the area evenly without additional charges of sound proofing.

  1. Variety

People prefer to have a variety of options to choose from. Gypsum ceiling work in Dubai has all kinds of variety. Moreover, you can pair different colours with different designs and textures for the best look. Use gypsum today to make your home look stylish! In conclusion, gypsum false ceiling in Dubai are a rising trend. Many types of gypsum ceiling design are available. Some examples include floral, traditional, glass and textured ceilings. Choose a gypsum ceiling work company in Dubai for best results. Interior designers aim for good quality and cheap rates. Gypsum plaster is easy to install and cost friendly. Moreover, gypsum ceiling is a flexible canvas to work with. Install lights in the textures or design for a chic look. In addition, gypsum also features soundproofing qualities. Install a gypsum ceiling design today for maximum privacy in your new home.



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